Kentucky Weekend: Recap #1

As always, Kentucky was a great escape. Our long weekend was packed with fun stuff, good food, great conversation, art, warm weather, laughter, coffee, meeting new people and exploring another part of the Bluegrass state.

We hit the road midday on Thursday, after Jen’s last radiation treatment for the week. Picked up Karen, swung through downtown and picked up Anne. Though we got a later start than we hoped to, the seven hour drive flew by and we were in Georgetown in time for a late dinner at Jan’s. Ruth was in from Pittsburgh to see Jan’s exhibit as well and it was a happy coincidence that our visits overlapped.

Jan’s (Raja Faces Both Ways) installation was the reason for our trip to Kentucky.  She and two other local artists collaborated on an exhibit they entitled Bricolage, currently on display at the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery at Georgetown College. After hearing about Jan’s piece for so long, It was fantastic to finally see it.

A narrative work, most easily described as a mural, it tells the story of Trixie Montana, a spunky gal who reluctantly embarks on a cross-country journey with her seventeen cows. A whimsical fable about change and adapting to the curveballs of life, the Trixie’s adventure reflects Jan’s philosophy of life and her abundant sense of humor. Many of Jan’s infra-red photographs of the surrounding rural area, with a particular focus on cows, were also on display.

Bricolage included the pottery work of Anne Leader, reflecting her time spent in South Africa, and installation work by Carolann Freid, which dealt with forgotten memory, using the imagery of corners and drawers. I most enjoyed meeting the artists, talking to them about their work, and hearing tales of students’ and the small town locals’ reactions (comic and quizzical) to the exhibit.

See more photos of the exhibit here.


One thought on “Kentucky Weekend: Recap #1

  1. Thanks for the fun time we all shared and the great coverage. Would you consider taking a job with the Georgetown News-Graphic–they need you!
    With one week to go, over 750 have attended the exhibit–not bad for a small town in KY

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