NBC Winners and Losers

I just read that Tina Fey and company will be back for another season, as 30 Rock has been renewed for a second season. Most excellent! That show has fast become one of my favorites, rivaling The Office for consistent laughs out loud per episode. Seriously, if you’re not watching 30R, you don’t know what you’re missing.

I can’t say I’m too surprised that The Black Donnellys has been dropped. I just caught this week’s episode last night and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how they would sustain this show beyond a single season. I love the visual style of the show, the acting and writing is great, but man oh man, these brothers are idiots just asking to get whacked. Time and again, the Donnelly bros go out of their way to do the absolute wrong thing, especially Kevin (the gambler) and Jimmy, the pig-headed first-class screw-up who causes most of the trouble. The final six episodes will be shown online, which is fine by me. Something to watch while I eat lunch at my desk.

And finally, as someone who loves improv comedy, I’m looking forward to the new sketch comedy show premiering on NBC next Monday. Thank God You’re Here has a different guest star walking cold onto the set of a live sketch to improv the scene. Could be a train wreck but I like the premise. I just learned that Dave Foley is the “judge,” which I have mixed feelings about. He was my favorite Kid in the Hall and I loved News Radio, but looking at him now is kinda unnerving. I think it’s the creepy facial hair.

3 thoughts on “NBC Winners and Losers

  1. I stopped watching the “Black Donnellys” after the third episode. I guess everyone else did, too.
    I never saw it but evidently David E. Kelley’s latest project, “The Wedding Bells”, hit the crapper today.

  2. I agree about 30 Rock! Hysterical. I’ve downloaded just about all of them into iTunes – I find myself STILL laughing after viewing five or six times. The Episode “The Head and the Hair”: PRICELESS. It’s my favorite!!
    Liz: Why do you have a picture of my Aunt Dotty?
    I’m laughing as I type… because I am crazy!

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