Cubs 9, Brewers 3, Temp 46 and Falling

CubscIt’s springtime in Chicago, meaning yesterday it felt like winter.

Yesterday’s Cubs game had an hour rain delay and by the time it started the temp was around 46. With the wind gusting off the lake it felt a lot chillier. Fortunately, the Cubs did well and by the fourth inning, when I started to lose the feeling in my toes, the Cubs got hot and started scoring runs, giving appreciative fans something to jump up and down about, getting the blood flowing again.

I kept thinking how in just four days the temp is predicted to be 80 degrees. 80!!!??!

Michael Keaton threw out the opening pitch and sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the Seventh Inning Stretch. He needed a cheat sheet for the words–how lame is that.


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