A Long Weekend in Steeltown

It’s been a while since I’ve visited one of the United States for the first time. Tomorrow I’ll touch down in Pennsylvania for the very first time evah! I’ll be visiting Ruthe in Pittsburgh, a city I never in a million years imagined I’d target as a destination, but I’m very excited to be going. A new town and completely unfamiliar region to explore!

We’ve got a few cultural things on the agenda, including a trip the Warhol Museum. I hope to see the Allegheny County Courthouse (1884), designed by H.H. Richardson. (I used to give tours of the Glessner House in Chicago, which he also designed.) Karen and I are going to a Pirates game, adding to our goal to visit every ballpark in the country. (3 down, 27 to go!) And I’m really looking forward to seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water, kind of a lifelong dream.

I’m back on Monday, so it will be a real whirlwind weekend. I’ve slotted a couple of posts to appear in my absence. I’ll try and post updates throughout the weekend to my Twitter site via my cellphone, so you can check the blue box over there in the left-hand column to see what I’m up to in PA!

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