Cicada Watch 2007

CicadapillowSome say it’s just a matter of days before we’re overrun with the whirring, crispy critters known as the 17-year Cicadas.

Brood XIII (the Northern Illinois clan of bugs) will add to the chorus of usual summertime sounds, producing what may be a deafening hum and buzz as these periodical cicadas emerge from the ground, taking to the trees to mate and lay their eggs. Before that, they’ll molt by the millions, covering everything with a crunchy brown layer. I remember last time (way back in 1990) when I had to use the car snow scraper to brush off the windshield before driving anywhere.

So far, all is quiet.

In the meantime, you can get in the spirit of things, buying your cicada t-shirts, sweatshirts and pillows here.


2 thoughts on “Cicada Watch 2007

  1. We had them around here two summers ago, and it turned out to be nothing. After all the hype, not many showed up and those that did were of a slacker variety– not much noise, not much jumping around. Hope you’re as lucky as we were.

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