Review: House – Season 1

I’m coming late to the House party, so allow me to add my huzzahs for Hugh Laurie, the British actor who flawlessly inhabits the character of American curmudgeon Greg House, a doctor with a bum leg, a chip on his shoulder, a cynical philosophy (“Everybody lies”), a monkey on his back (he’s addicted to prescription drugs), and the world’s worst bedside manner. As the chief of Diagnostic Medicine, he leads a hand-picked team of crack young doctors who devote themselves to diagnosing exactly one strange malady per episode.

Watch three episodes and you quickly discover the House formula: a minimum of three hypothesis and three failed treatments–one of which must be life-threatening in and of itself–before the cure can be found in the eleventh hour. But we’re not really watching the medical drama. The personal drama behind the scenes and Laurie’s fabulous character are the real reasons to check in to this hospital each week. [**** out of 5]

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