Pittsburgh Weekend: Part Six

Root and Sandstone

Our final day in Pittsburgh began with a walk through Frick Park, a beautiful wild and wooded park in Ruthe’s neighborhood. Afterward, we drove over to the Carnegie Mellon campus where we said goodbye to Ruthe.

Walking to the Sky (2006)

With a few hours to kill before we had to be at the airport, Karen and I walked around the campus (above), back around the University of Pittsburgh campus and happened upon a Primanti Brothers restaurant, the local place to go for the signature Pittsburgh sandwich.

A Strange Meatloaf Sandwich

The local spin on the sandwich is to put the fries and coleslaw on the sandwich. Interesting and worth trying once, but I can’t imagine eating them on a regular basis.

That just gave us enough time to head back to the airport to catch our afternoon flight back to Chicago, with a plane change in D.C.–my first “visit” to the capital. I had a good view of the Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln monuments, the Capitol, and what looked to be President Bush’s helicopter fleet. There’s another city waiting for a long weekend.

The last of my Pittsburgh photos can be seen here.

One thought on “Pittsburgh Weekend: Part Six

  1. Fries and cole slaw on the sandwich. Interesting. Maybe not my first choice, but I can see that it’d be a very practical presentation.
    And, by all means, go to D.C. some weekend. It’s awesome if you like history and architecture. Foods not bad either, as I recall.

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