Post-Vacation Imperative: Watch The Sopranos Finale

I’m baaaack!

We returned from New Orleans on Tuesday afternoon and a few hours after touching down at O’Hare, we were gathered around the TV to watch the series finale of The Sopranos off the DVR. We actually succeeded in avoiding any and all mention of the final episode while we were out of town. I was traveling with two newshounds who insist on getting the morning newspaper even when on vacation, which made it a little trickier. Sections with Tony Soprano’s picture or teaser headline on them were summarily tossed away.

All in all, I thought it was a fine ending to the series. (**Spoilers ahead!**) Like many watching, we thought the DVR had cut out with the final abrupt cut to black. Ha, the joke’s on us–we’ve all been whacked! I agree there was no perfect way to wrap it up and I certainly didn’t expect a pat ending or neat tying-up of loose ends. That would have rung false. The tension set up in the final diner scene was fantastic.

My biggest gripe was the way things ended with Tony and Dr. Malfi. I thought her sudden change of heart and cancellation of his therapy in the second-to-last episode as out of left field and abrupt as Tony did. Anthony Jr. picking up therapy where his father left off was a nice touch, though I was getting tired of his whiny, “I’m depressed and the world is a fucked up place,” routine.

Bobby’s hobby store death scene (from the week before) was extremely well done and Phil’s double hit in the gas station was a messy tension reliever. When I saw Michael Imperioli’s name in the credits, I was hoping maybe Christopher would be visiting Tony in a dream or something, but I guess showing his photograph on the wall a couple of times gets him billing. Nice. And I loved the bit with Paulie and the cat, of course.

John From Cincinnati is waiting on the DVR, as is the first episode of the new season of Big Love. Just in time, since The Riches wrapped up a few weeks ago and The Wire doesn’t kick in for a while.

3 thoughts on “Post-Vacation Imperative: Watch The Sopranos Finale

  1. I’ve never seen The Sopranos. I bet that I’d like it and may watch it over the next year on dvd. In fact, in many ways I prefer to watch tv series knowing how it’s all going to end. I feel more relaxed somehow.

  2. DVD is a good way to watch “The Sopranos.” (That’s how I caught up on the first 3-seasons.) But beware–you may get hooked, and end up watching it for days on end, lying to your bosses, avoiding natural light….it’s easy to get hooked on this show!

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