Cicada Sighting: One is Enough

Beady Red EyesLone Cicada

While portions of Chicagoland were inundated with the 17-year cicadas, in my area we had hardly a whir or flutter. It was only last Thursday, at the tail-end of the invasion, that I saw my first cicada up close. And once I did, I was darn glad we’d been spared. Yeesh!

Check out the top photo in a larger format. Select “original” on that page to really get up close and personal–but only if you have a high tolerance for bugs up close…which I decidedly do not.


2 thoughts on “Cicada Sighting: One is Enough

  1. I remember them from when we had them here a few years ago. They’re icky things, so I’ll pass on viewing your photo of one up close, if it’s all the same to you!

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