Big Bad Scary Bugs Aren’t So Bad Though They Are Really Big

Cicada_killer_louAround this time every year, burrows appear in the grass alongside sidewalks and these big scary striped flying bugs appear. They look like a cross between a big bumble bee and a hornet. These suckers are intimidating and look like if they stung you, you’d swell up like a balloon.

Well, it turns out that unless you’re a cicada, you don’t have anything to fear from these flying dive bombers. Cicada killer wasps feed on annual cicadas (not the 17-year guys we just had) and they don’t sting people.

That’s good to know because these guys are huge and have been known to send me skittering down the sidewalk dodging and darting to get well out of their way. You can read more about them here, on the Chicago Gardner blog.

3 thoughts on “Big Bad Scary Bugs Aren’t So Bad Though They Are Really Big

  1. me and my friend don’t know wa’t those bugs that everyone hates? thay scare the “poop” out of me and my friend. the bugs have two long legs in the front and two in the back with about 16-20 little legs in between. so please email us back with the name of the bug. the bugs mostly live in basements.
    myles and zak

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