Hit Refresh

If you don’t see the new look, hit refresh and all will be revealed.

I’ve been meaning to tidy up the old website for a while now. The sidebar had become the virtual equivalent of the junk closet. Just throw it over there; I’ll deal with it later. TypePad’s addition of a few new blog design choices was just the jump-start I needed. I also used their new Pages feature to properly incorporate my blogroll, and links to my movie, TV and book reviews.

The photo album links (many of which were dead ends) have been removed. One of these days I’ll incorporate those images over on my Flickr site, which I find a much faster and easier way to play with photos than TypePad photo albums. Plus, you can comment on photos there, something TypePad has yet to make part of their photo feature.

One of these days I’ll design my own banner (but I’ve been saying that for years) so in the meantime, this will do nicely.


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