This Week…

I Read

  • Fifty more pages of Undaunted Courage on Wednesday while sitting at my local cafe, sipping coffee outside under the trees. I stopped on my way to work and sat for over an hour. I wish I could do this every day. That’s my idea of ideal commuting.

I Watched

I Ate

I Cooked

  • Collard greens and corn bread in the iron skillet. Collard greens came in the organic farm box this week and called out for another first-time recipe. Cooked with bacon, onion and vinegar; quick and quite tasty. Decided to do a regular southern dinner and made cornbread in the iron skillet to go with it. Also quite good, thin and crispy on the edges. We used the recipe out of Cooks Illustrated.

I Heard

I Saw

  • My first true signs of fall. The locust trees are just turning and I saw the first V-formation of geese heading south. Well, actually they were headed west.

Have a good weekend all!


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