K-Ville: Episode 2

In this episode, our heroes Cobb and Boulet attempt to take down the top dog who runs the parish prison. No small cases here. Simple domestic battery, bank robbery and kidnapping are too dulls-ville for K-Ville. Prison corruption and toxic waste dumping on a large scale in just the second episode?! At this rate, these two NOPD cops will be racing to avert nuclear war by the season-ending episode.

Once again, there was nothing to differentiate this show from any other cop show that’s come before. Not even the location, which wasn’t really featured much and when it was, they cheated it. No way was that the Louis Armstrong airport–it looked more like an abandoned parking garage. And come on–don’t mention Cafe du Monde, one of the most colorful places on earth and a real institution–and then not show it! Sheeze.

I’ll give it one more week before it’s struck from the DVR lineup.

Added note: My thoughts on the third (and for me, the final) episode of K-Ville.

Absolutely ridiculous. This week’s episode confirmed my theory that K-Ville will center on no small story line. Once again, Cobb and Boulet catch a murder that’s not just any murder: 1) The victim is a city councilman, 2) who’s linked to a high-class brothel, 3) and is involved in a controversial post-Katrina land development deal, 4) with direct connections to the Latin Kings. Puh-leeze.

And how do they kick off this investigation? By tracing a fingernail found on the body, with polish that’s produced in only one salon in all of New Orleans, which Boulet’s wife just happens to recognize. Excuse me while I laugh. I really checked out of this show when the uniform cops who work with Cobb and Boulet rolled up to an abandoned neighborhood and a guy started firing at them with a machine gun–and the only cops to come back them up were Cobb and Boulet! I know the New Orleans police force is understaffed, but you’d think these guys were the only cops fighting crime anywhere in this city. The conversation these cops had with the neighbors once the crazy shooter had been apprehended was some of the worst scripting I’ve sat through in a while. I definitely won’t be returning to K-Ville.


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