Ooopse, Did I Do That?

Last week we had a medical emergency in the office. It turned out to be relatively minor, but did require a 911 call and a visit by two EMTs and the requisite back-up firetruck. In the process of administering an IV, blood was spilled on a couch. Nothing dramatic but enough to make a visible stain.

Within an hour of calling 911, stabilizing the patient enough to determine he didn’t need transport to the hospital, the office settled down and I returned to the lunch I’d abandoned earlier. Standing in front of the microwave where my soup was reheating, I noticed a pair of business cards that hadn’t been there before. Sure enough, they’d been dropped off by one of the fireman, advertising his family carpet and upholstery cleaning service. (The “off duty fireman” label on the card was the tip-off.)

Great gig. Go in as an EMT, make a big mess, spurt blood everywhere, and then offer your services to clean it up–for a fee! Very enterprising indeed.

3 thoughts on “Ooopse, Did I Do That?

  1. I’d report them to their department.
    There’s nothing wrong with a firefighter/paramedic moonlighting on their days off, but this seems like a conflict of interest.
    Pretty darned tacky, too.

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