Saturday 3 p.m.

At Wilmette Harbor, waiting for my ship to come in. Literally.

Jenny, Anne and Rick had a final sail of the season on Saturday. I opted out to spend a concentrated few hours trying to perfect my camera skills. I know how to effectively use about 1/10 of my camera’s bells and whistles and I’m bound and determined to become a better educated photographer.

After a few hours, they returned to the harbor and I joined them on board to unrig the boat. Sunday the mast came down in preparation for next weekend’s motor down to Chicago and up the Chicago River to dry dock, where the boat will be shrink-wrapped to wait out the winter. Taking the mast down allows the boat to pass under the many bridges that cross the river. Otherwise, you have to wait for each of them to be raised, turning the one-hour trip into an all day affair.

I’m looking forward to next week’s “sail” and the unique view of downtown from the river.


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