Our Temporary Neighbor


Late every summer one of these guys sets up camp in the backyard for a couple of weeks and creates some very impressive webs. This year, our visitor chose to webisize by the back door, right over the air conditioner. When it was on, he and his web would blow around like a category five hurricane. And yet, every evening after the web had broken, he’d be right there over the air conditioner building it again.

3 thoughts on “Our Temporary Neighbor

  1. Your photo of the spider is great. It’s difficult to know if it is admirable or stupid that this spider just keeps on trying to build his web in a geographically undesireable location. Still neat photo.

  2. Feh! that’s nothing! I was bitten by a black widow about 12 years ago and ending up nearly losing my mind at Cedars Sinai in LA. So, spiders don’t scare me anymore. This little wanker ain’t gonna hurt you and spiders are good luck in some cultures…

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