Second Game’s the Charm


Tonight is where we turn it around. Yesterday’s gathering of friends was fun–except for the outcome of the game, of course. Tonight’s game is off to a much better start. 2-0 Cubs, but it’s early yet and anything can happen. Hang on Cubs’ fans.

I have only two comments so far:

  • These nine o’clock starts are a killer. Especially when you’ve got deliberate pitching like tonight. We’re only two innings in and it’s already ten. At this rate, we’ll be into the wee hours of the morning before this one is settled.
  • Who is the group of yahoos in the jury box behind home plate? Amazingly annoying. I don’t care to watch some guy stuff his face with a salad while another guy on a cell phone waves hysterically to the folks at home. And don’t get me started on the people who are treating it like a cocktail party, gabbing with friends with their back to the field! Geez! Yesterday’s joker with the flashing neon Cubs sign was ridiculous. How did he think he’d get away with that. Idjit.

Added @ 10:50pm: Ugh. Well, that didn’t last long. Ohhhh…it’s going to be a long night. 6-2 Diamondbacks, 11pm and it’s only the fourth inning. Groan.

Added @ 11:50pm: Hey it’s almost Friday! And hey, we’re still getting our butts kicked! 8-2 D’backs (Dumb nickname.) I think Ron Santo said it best: “Well, we walked into a buzz saw tonight.”


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