This Week…

I Saw

  • La Boheme at Lyric Opera. A crowd pleaser, as always, but come on–after twenty years of recycling the same sets and costumes, why can’t they spring for a new look! I’ve seen this particular production three times now. On the plus side, we were treated to the Lyric Opera debut of Elaine Alvarez, who stepped into the lead role of Mimi after Angela Gheorghiu was fired days before opening night for missing too many rehearsals and blowing off her costume fittings. A real 42nd Street story.

I Infected Myself

  • With the flu virus, as I have every year for the past eight years or so.

I Waited

  • In the cold for over 2.5 hours last Friday for the Nicor gas man to show up in response to our “emergency” call.

I Learned

  • That no one wants to quickly resolve your water heater replacement issue when it’s “under warranty” and hence, no one stands to make any money off the deal. I also learned that the terms for voiding a warranty are be debatable, as the manufacturer of my water heater and the establishment where I purchased it duke it out. Meanwhile, I’m entering week two without hot water.

I “Read”

  • The last of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on audio book. Excellent. Thoroughly entertaining. While I can’t imagine replacing actually reading the Harry Potter books a first time with listening to them, this is a great way to revisit the story.

I Ate

  • Tasty maki specials at Indie Cafe on Broadway. Time and again, the best sushi in town.

I Bought

  • A circular polarizing filter for my D50 and I can’t wait to try it out. Now if the fall colors would just start turning around here!

Have a great weekend all!


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