Puppet Bike!

Puppetbike_2I caught the Puppet Bike downtown this afternoon on my way to the CSO. Have you seen it around town? It’s just what it sounds like–a puppet show on a bike. The colorful mini-puppet theater is mounted to the back of a tricycle, which appears on street corners around Chicago, entertaining passersby for tips.

The show is actually a series of dances, set to pre-recorded music. When I happened by, a monkey and a bunny where twisting to the tune “Rag Mop.” I’ve never heard any voices and you rarely see any of the performers. (I have no idea if more than one person can fit inside the bike theater.)

This unusual twist on Chicago street performance is a charming throwback to good old first grade birthday party entertainment. It’s almost as much fun to observe the reactions of surprised pedestrians as it is to watch the show.


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