It’s NaBloPoMo!

Huzzah! National Blog Posting Month is here!

Today, the three thousand-plus bloggers (myself included) who’ve joined NaBloPoMo are posting their kick-off entry, most likely announcing their intention to take up the challenge of making a daily post to their blog each day in November. And here is mine.

I have dozens of book, TV and movies reviews I’ve been meaning to write and figured NaBloPoMo might be a good way to motivate myself to do a little catching up. In addition, joining the group has had the added and unexpected benefit of introducing this blog to new friends and making new blog acquaintances both near and far as I visit others who are participating.

So, wish me luck. It shouldn’t be hard for me to come up with stuff to blog about. The greatest challenge will be remembering to make the time to do it. And please, don’t hesitate to comment. A little positive reinforcement in the way of comments to this blog is always and gratefully appreciated.

Happy NaBloPoMo all!


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