A Weak Week for TV

NaBloPoMo, Day 2

Everything I watched this week seemed to miss the mark–

I initially really liked this season’s candidate competition but the premise seemed a bit tired with this week’s episode and I groaned when no one was eliminated. Ugh, this could go on a long time. I’m not so interested in any of these new characters; my favorite was the older gentleman, the impostor doctor who was eliminated last week. Bummer.

The Office
The good news–back to the half hour format. Not so good news–this episode wasn’t all that funny. Michael and Dwight going commando on the Utica branch was pretty ridiculous, even for Michael. I loved “The Finer Things” club and Stanley’s money talk with Michael, but over all I thought the episode was ho-hum and I really missed Angela.

Ugly Betty
I loved Freddie Rodgriguez on Six Feet Under and so it’s great to see him on this show, playing Geo the sandwich maker. Now that Betty’s on-again-off-again romance with Henry seems to be on again, I hope we haven’t seen the last of Geo. Overall, I found this episode to be pretty irritating. Why is Alexis all chummy with his father, when last week she stormed out of her father’s place, having finally remembered how crappy Bradford’s been to him? Did I miss something?

I’m no fan of the musical Wicked, so the screeching theater storyline/setting was particularly irksome. Having Betty and Henry descend on stage in a floating set piece during the performance seemed particularly unoriginal for this show. I think all the creativity was pumped into the transitions from one scene to the next. Betty and Henry’s relationship has to progress or just end already, I mean really end, cause this back and forth–that started last season–is starting to feel like jerking the audience around. Yes, I know they supposedly hooked up at the end of this episode, but who knows what’s next. I love that Mark has a boyfriend. More screen time for his (and Amanda’s) character is always welcome.

I love that Stanley Tucci is a new regular on the show and think his character a perfect addition, sure to stir up the mix–much needed. John Stamos’ character continues to be a poor man’s George Clooney and Sam racing to the el station just in time to stop a jumper was stupid. I’m not sure where else this show can go. And yet, I keep watching it.

Pushing Daisies
Mercury retrograde screwed with the DVR and it recorded black screens for a number of shows Wednesday night, this one included. However, judging by the rest of this week’s TV, I’d say it was a disappointing episode as well. I’m on the fence about this show. This week’s episode was going to be the decision maker. I’ll have to wait til next week. Anyone catch this week’s installment? Any good?

I miss it. This week, I really missed it.

30 Rock
This show could have saved the Thursday night lineup but unfortunately, it didn’t air this week. Rats.

One day after Halloween and we’re already assaulted by the holiday advertising. Every fifth ad (curses to Lowe’s especially) was pushing Christmas crap. Grrrrrrr.


5 thoughts on “A Weak Week for TV

  1. I’m with you. Not enjoying my regular tv favs much at all. I dropped Pushing Daisies because it was just boring me. House is getting on my nerves for the same reason its’ getting on yours. I dropped ER entirely finally. But you know, Dexter is good. As is Friday Night Lights.
    A friend put up his fake christmas tree already. Decorated and everything.

  2. I’m stopping by on my way to commenting on as many NaBloPoMo blogs as possible.
    You can find more information about the commenting challenge and join the group here. 🙂
    Not only are they running TV ads for Christmas, I’ve been hearing radio ads for fake trees for about 3 weeks now; a radio station’s already switched to Christmas music for the year; soon enough, you’re going to have a station with all Christmas music all the time…
    Also, with the TV – I’m surprised that the shows were that bad, especially considering that sweeps started yesterday. It just makes you giddy with anticipation for when the scripted shows run out of programs due to the writers’ strike…

  3. We’re getting Ugly Betty the week after you, which is unusual – we normally have to wait months for American shows.
    Thought the same about the sandwich guy, and wondered where he’d gone as it looked like they’d set it up for him to be in it regularly.
    Was surprised the Betty/Henry relationship went the way it did in the last one I watched – half the fun of it is feeling their pain.
    And I was pleased about Mark and his boyfriend too. Looking forward to seeing more about that.
    Thanks for the heads up on the forthcoming ‘musical’ theme. Can’t stand musicals, so will have my thumb hovering over the fast forward button at the first sign of them bursting into song.
    We won’t get any of the others shows you mentioned for months (except House, as Husband ‘acquires’ it from elsewhere and we don’t get the US Office ‘cos we had the original) but the advantage of waiting is that we tend to get the entire series without a break.
    Good luck with NaBloPoMo!

  4. I hardly ever watch TV – not for any virtuous reasons – but because I have a young son so we’re generally tuned into Tom and Jerry or what have you.
    But yes, the Christmas gift giving season has started. Maybe it started a month ago. Whatever – the commercials are already kicking in. I love the holidays, a lot, but come on – let Halloween completely leave the building first, would you?
    — Found your blog via NaBloPoMo commenting challenge.

  5. Found you through the NaBloPoMo Blogroll. I’ve been templted to drop Pushing Daisies, but last weeks episode was actually the best one I’ve seen so far. It was all about a jockey who was killed and everyone thought he had come back from the dead to kill the other jockeys in his last race. I hope this week’s episode is just as good or this will lose it’s spot in my weekly line-up.
    Have fun with NaBloPoMo. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Good luck with the baby. I hope you enjoy it.

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