This Week…

NaBloPoMo, Day 3

I Heard

  • My favorite opera singer Frederica von Stade in recital at the CSO. It reminded me how much I enjoyed watching her perform at the Lyric Opera.

I Was Reminded

  • How mediocre Starbucks coffee is. I’m totally spoiled by having Metropolis Coffee served in all three of my favorite coffee shops. But I was down in the loop and the only coffee joint I could find for a warm up last Saturday was Starbucks. Rhymes with sucks. Halfway through a latte I realized it had no flavor whatsoever. As in coffee flavor. There’s a reason why folks put sugary syrups in their S’bux lattes, it’s so they’ll taste like something. Their drip coffee is too acidic and burnt. The latte I had tasted like the cardboard cup it came in.

I Found a New Favorite Recipe

  • Onion pie, from the New York Times. Carmelized onions, lots of them, with eggs, cream, and cheese in a saltine cracker crust. I didn’t say it was healthy, but man, is it ever good. Easy and quick to make, serve it with a fresh salad and you’ve got some great comfort food for a fall night.

I Began

  • Thirty days of straight blogging as part of NaBloPoMo.

I Ate

  •  Way too much Halloween candy waiting for the kiddos to show at the door. Damn you Smarties!

5 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. we only had two kids come to the door this year. which sucks because now i find myself reaching for those candy-covered mini hershey’s kisses by the fistful.

  2. Sometimes I feel like someone is going to throw a coffee cake at me, but I just don’t like Starbucks coffee. I can drink their soy no water chais, but when I get to go walk to places like Peet’s and Stumptown, I just can’t handle settling. : )

  3. I love the fact that you have a favorite opera sing. That’s so cool!
    I’m checking out the NYT onion pie post-haste. It sounds scrumpdillyicious.
    Re: Starbucks. Well, I live in Mississippi, in a rural area (of course). The closet Starbucks is 90 miles away. We do have a coffee shop in our little town that actually has cappuccinno and espresso and latte. Thank goodness.
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. All I can say is that I’m sorry I served you Starbucks (brewed myself) yesterday! (It was better than what I could have gotten at Jewel late Friday night).
    The thing that annoys me about S’bucks is the high cost. My favorites are Cafe Pajaro (fair trade and shade grown for our feathered friends) at Trader Joes, or Pleasant Morning Buzz from Whole Foods. Either of which are cheaper than any pound at S’Bucks.
    I think Starbucks used to be better. Or maybe my tastes have changed.

  5. I also was on the fence about the Daisy’s episode in which Olive almost spilled Chuck’s secret to her aunts.
    The mess with the horse was just – – – chalk it up to ALL the series this past week musta had the urge to do (lame) Halloween themed episodes.

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