Saturday 3 p.m.

Perusing the aisles while we wait for our sushi order.

Karen and I stopped by the Sea Ranch to get sushi for our pre-opera dinner. Saturday’s opera was another 4-hour production (Die Frau ohne Schatten/The Woman Without a Shadow) with an early curtain (6:30). We’ve hit on sushi as the perfect meal–tasty and filling without making you want to lapse into a nap as soon as the music begins. Good brain food. That and a strong shot of espresso and we’re good to go ’til the curtain call.


2 thoughts on “Saturday 3 p.m.

  1. I used to stop at Midori on class night cuz I could sit at the Sushi counter and order a couple pieces before school and they’d give me a bowl of miso soup to go with it.
    After a few times the Sushi Chef would mix up a crab or potato salad or some such. After filling the container with the concoction he would put a sampling of the stuff in a small bowl and pass it over the Sushi case to me to try.
    That was the first I saw of mayo in a squeeze bottle. Don’t recall if it was Kewpie brand but it was deninitely NOT Hellman’s. They loves them their squeeze mayo at the Sushi place!

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