Film Highlights From 2007

Every year, along with my list of book recommendations I also include a list of film recommendations. So, of the films I saw in 2007, here’s a list of those I recommend, in no particular order.

Once (2006, Ireland, John Carney) – My favorite film of the year.
Juno (2007, USA, Jason Reitman) – A close second.
The Squid and the Whale  (2006, USA, Noah Baumbach)
Under the Sand  (2000, France, Francois Ozon)
If You Could Only Cook  (1935, USA, William A. Seiter)
Antonio Gaudi  (1984, Japan, Hiroshi Teshigahara)
Notes on a Scandal  (2006, UK, Richard Eyre)
Jane Eyre  (2006, UK, Susanna White)
Fitzcarraldo  (1982, West Germany, Werner Herzog)
Nanny McPhee  (2005, UK, Kirk Jones)
Pan’s Labyrinth  (2006, Mexico/Spain, Guillermo del Toro)
After the Wedding  (2006, Denmark, Susanne Bier)
Mrs. Henderson Presents  (2005, UK, Stephen Frears)
Rivers and Tides  (2001, Germany/Finland/UK, Thomas Riedelsheimer)
Watermarks  (2004, Austria, Yaron Zilberman)
The Lady and the Mob  (1939, USA, Benjamin Stoloff)
Shaun of the Dead  (2004, UK, Edgar Wright)
Casino Royale  (2006, UK, Martin Campbell)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  (2007, UK, David Yates)
Annie Oakley  (1935, USA, George Stevens)
The Golden Compass  (2007, UK, Chris Weitz)

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