Super Tuesday!


Well, I’ve made all my preparations. Packed my backpack with my election manual, the big binder with all my notes and check lists, magazines and books, snacks and water. I’ve ground the coffee so I won’t wake the house in the early a.m. and the big thermos is standing by. I’ve mapped out the location where I have to turn everything in at the end of the night and I’ve set my cell phone alarm to wake me at 3:00, 3:01 and 3:02 a.m. (The thing I’m most nervous about, above all else, is oversleeping.)

I’m sipping on a big mug of chai tea with hot milk, a sure sleep aid and I’m about to pack it in, giving me a good seven hours of sleep.

About an hour ago, I spoke with an election judge from one of the other two precincts that will be sharing our polling place. Apparently her equipment manager is MIA and they told her to have me help set them up tomorrow, so it looks like I’m covering two stations. Wish me luck.

Like many, I’m excited about tomorrow, a tad bit apprehensive (though not as bad as four years ago!) and more than ready for all this election hype and hoo-haw to be over. At least for a little while.

Happy voting!

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