Maude’s Back

Working the nanny gig pulls me off the grid three days a week since I’m without Internet access. I often take my laptop with me and when Wee-J is cooperative (meaning she takes a good long nap) I can get a fair amount of writing done. Wee-J lives in an amazingly WiFi-free neighborhood. Just as well. I really don’t need to be hassling with email or killing time reading blogs. Being “cut off” from civilization gives me time to write or read (or nap)–one of the great perks of the job.

Not being in an office though, with the Internet constantly at my fingertips, certainly has had an impact on my blogging output. I’m committed to writing a review for each movie I see and book I read this year, something I resolve to do every year and fail at miserably. Could be tough now that a portion of the week I’m offline during the day and trying to get to bed by 11 each night.

I took an unexpected and unintentional break from my Maude episode guide over on The Beachwood Reporter but hopefully I’m back on track. (I cannot believe we’re halfway through February!) So, while I put the finishing touches on my Sweeney Todd review, write up a few restaurants reviews, and try to get some photos uploaded, go on over to The Beachwood and check out my Maude installment, episode 16.

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