Review: Cars (2006)

What fun! And wow, does it ever look amazing.

My household recently acquired a PlayStation 3, which has the added bonus of playing Blu-ray high definition DVDs. This is the movie we should have used to break it in—the animation is stunning. Racing cars gleam and the landscapes of the open road are breathtaking. There’s an impressive attention to detail that fills every frame with clever twists on a world populated by anthropomorphic cars.

Shot composition and editing is tip-top, the voice work is great, Randy Newman’s soundtrack strikes all the right chords, especially during all the road racing sequences. Sealing the deal is an homage to Route 66 and life on the two-lane highway that’s the heart and soul director John Lasseter’s labor of love. By the end of the film, I wanted to jump in a car and road trip west.

I give Cars 5 out of 5 Piston Cups.

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