Cheesequinox Feast!

A couple of friends and I share a love of delicious cheeses and wines–paired together even better. This past New Year’s Eve, we hit on the idea of using each equinox (vernal and autumnal) as an excuse to gather and sample new cheeses. And so Madeleine, Karen and I met last weekend (postponed a week due to illness) for our first ever Cheesequinox.

We even have a motto–We clap for cheese!–inspired by Mad’s daughter (and my “coworker” three days a week) Wee J, who literally claps for cheese. She’s truly her mother’s daughter.

The “assignment” was for each of us to bring a couple of unusual cheeses to share. We paired our cheese feast with a red and a white wine. It was extremely tasty and fun to sample them all together, comparing and contrasting the textures and flavors. I’ve never been much for “stinky cheese” so I was surprised to find by the end of the evening, the two most fragrant cheeses (which smelled stronger than they tasted and mellowed with the wine) were my favorites.

Cheesequinox, The Un-Stinky Cheeses

The cheeses:

The wine:

Click on either photo to go to my Flickr site where I’ve noted which cheese is which.

Got any cheesy suggestions for our next Cheesequinox? I’d love to hear them.

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