If You’re Going to Freeze Your Keister Off at the Cubs Game, The Least They Could Do Is Win

I was bundled up in four layers to watch the Cubs lose this afternoon. The wind off the lake was hitting Wrigley Field pretty hard and if you were sitting in the shade (like we were) it was mighty cold. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the Cubbies had given us something to cheer about. Clapping and whooping it up while jumping up and down really gets the blood flowing. Sitting on your hands to keep them warm does not.

Four yahoos sitting directly behind us were amusing for about two minutes and then they became an incredibly annoying Chicago sports cliche. If the words “dude” and “f**k” had been removed from their lexicon, they wouldn’t have had ten words to say to one another. Thankfully, they arrived late and left early when the Reds increased their lead to six in the seventh inning, leaving us to watch the Cubs lose 9-2 in peace.


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