Surprise Game

Anne is my Cubs connection. She works with a bunch of Cubs fans who are constantly giving her opportunities to snatch up tickets. Yesterday was one such opportunity, only two better–tickets five rows behind home plate…for free! (I sat in these same seats two years ago.) Oh yeah!

So last night I unexpectedly found myself watching the Cubs get beat by the Brewers but we had a good time doing it, despite the frigid cold. This is the first game I’ve watched while bundled up in blankets. The game was slow, probably due to the cold, and for the first time I left a Cubs game before it was over.

I sat next to a very friendly Cubs fan from Quebec who stuck out the cold until the sixth inning when he bought one of those hideous and hideously expensive Cubs fleece blankets. He pulled it out and the Cubs got hot, scoring three times. We dubbed it the Lucky Blanket. Unfortunately, the luck didn’t last. After that seventh inning rally, we stayed for the eighth, but when the Brewers scored again and the Cubs fell even more behind we decided to go. At that point, we were all pretty darn cold. I didn’t get feeling back in my feet until we were back on Waveland Avenue and I’m only now just beginning to feel warmed up to the bones.


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