Toronto Road Trip: Cubs @ Jays Game #2

The Better Dogs Are Found Outside the Ballpark

Judging from the number of hot dog carts populating the sidewalk outside Rogers Centre and the long lines of people waiting to chow down before the game, we suspected that the ballpark hot dogs were going to be pretty awful. And they were. So this time, we knew better and stopped for our requisite baseball hot dog outside the park. It was a thousand times better and, no surprise, cheaper. The selection of condiments was much more interesting, including a few of regional options I’d not seen before: green olives, sauteed red peppers and corn relish.

The Dome Is Open

Hooray, the dome was open though the view wasn’t much better. It feels like you’re sitting in a giant concrete bowl.

Kick the Habit

Field Turf Quilt

Jim Edmonds on the field turf quilt.

Standing Guard

The field security looks a little more intimidating here than at Wrigley.

Carlos Marmol!

Carlos Marmol on the mound.

Testing the Digital Zoom on Bobby Howry's Throw

This one’s for Karen. The lanky Bobby Howry closes the game down.

Raise Up the W Flag Cubs' Fans!

Cubs win!


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