Review: The Thirty-Nine Steps

John Buchan (1915)

Hooray for a good old-fashioned spy-chase-thriller to kick off my summer’s reading. Englishman Richard Hannay falls into the life of a spy, quickly learning he has an aptitude for espionage. He develops into a master of disguise as he manages to keep one step ahead of German agents intent on killing him before he can deliver a little black book of encrypted code. Set in London and rambling through the Scottish countryside on the eve of World War I, this is the classic scenario of a regular Joe unwittingly thrown from his humdrum life into an exciting, hair-raising episode of international intrigue. Good fun.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Thirty-Nine Steps

  1. The Hitchcock movie is good too. I love it and have the dvd and watch every so often. A couple of years ago I was into reading the books that old movies were made from; mostly mysteries and thrillers. I’ll have to read this one, sounds good.

  2. I’ve got the movie (which I saw too long ago to remember) on my Netflix queue. I’m currently reading the sequel to “39 Steps”; Hannay is off on another WWI spy adventure!

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