Favorite T-Shirt: CSO Shostakovich Festival 1999

Favorite t-shirt: CSO Shostakovich Festival 1999

For the longest time now, I’ve had a pile of t-shirts that I’ve worn to death but just couldn’t bring myself to throw away. I’m far from a pack rat. If something isn’t getting any use or has sentimental value, out it goes to the garage sale, the Salvation Army or Craig’s List. I found, however, I was having trouble committing certain t-shirts to the rag pile. They had too much attached to them to toss away and yet I couldn’t stand holding on to a stack of t-shirts I can no longer wear, only to pull them out twice a year when I’d rotate my wardrobe and debate, once again, whether or not to let them go.

As someone who almost literally has a digital camera on her at any waking moment, I don’t know why it took me so long to jump to this conclusion: a digital archive of my favorite t-shirts. A heck of a lot more convenient to pull out and look at from time to time, taking up a lot less space, and they’ll last “forever.” I can now put these favorite shirts back into rotation, wearing them to cook or garden in until they fall to pieces.

So, here’s the first, a t-shirt that is ((gulp)) nearly ten years old. I can’t remember exactly what I heard at this concert series (I think I saw three performances in all, with Rostropovich playing and conducting) but I do remember really, really enjoying it.


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