Me + Wrigley Field + Ted Lilly = Cubs Lose


Last night was another heart-breaker at Wrigley Field. It was a beautiful night and we had a great time, but the game itself wasn’t much fun. The Cubs sure didn’t give us much to cheer about. At this rate, I’m convinced any game I attend when Ted Lilly is on the mound, the Cubs are sure to lose. Yes, I’m just that superstitious.

I hope Lilly’s not pitching at any of the Cincinnati or Milwaukee games I’m going to in September.


The highlight of last night’s game was the russet-colored moon rising up over Lake Michigan and above right field during the final inning. We also noticed that outfielder Kosuke Fukudome has a ritual–hopping over second base on his way out to right field each time the Cubs take the field.

These photos of “Wrigley Field” are from a trip to the model train garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden Wee-J and I took in June. They had rustic models of many famous buildings which were quite clever.
One of my favorites was this mini-Fallingwater:



2 thoughts on “Me + Wrigley Field + Ted Lilly = Cubs Lose

  1. Tom–Keep it in mind for when you retire. 🙂 The retired train fanatics who put the whole thing together are there every day tinkering and talking with the public. They seem to be having a good ol’ time.

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