Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Planting Bulbs

I took advantage of what may well be the last warm and sunny weekend of the year to plant daffodil bulbs–about a hundred of them. I also planted some squill–those tiny blue flowers that come out just behind the crocuses in the spring. If you’ve ever seen lawns or areas under trees covered in tiny blue flowers, that’s probably squill. Absolutely beautiful.


I also couldn’t resist a bag of miniature iris bulbs, which I planted in the plot on the corner. My goal is to have a yearly blanket of blue and yellow covering the front of our place every spring. The nice thing about planting these bulbs, as opposed to tulips, is that one fall of back-breaking work and you’re done. These bulbs should multiply on their own and provide years of welcome spring color.

I spent the rest of the weekend getting all the outdoor fall chores done. Brought in all the hoses, emptied all the vegetable tubs in the backyard (including a cherry tomato plant that amazingly still had some blossoms on it), reorganized the garage to stow everything away, and gave the front stoop a good washing off. Next weekend, the indoor fall cleaning begins in earnest before we have to seal this place up for the winter.

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