Low Fidelity

I find it highly ironic that WBEZ (Chicago’s public radio station) has created a new method for raising pledge dollars that they’ve dubbed “High Fidelity.” In the last few years they’ve systematically gutted their music programming, replacing what used to be great jazz and blues shows with blah blah blah and reruns of programs that air earlier in the day. Every time I hear them mention “High Fidelity,” it reminds me of how much I miss the music (Piano Jazz, Blues Before Sunrise, and Dick Buckley included) that they used to play.


3 thoughts on “Low Fidelity

  1. Have you told them how much it makes you miss the music?
    Explaining this is the reason you no longer contribute might get their attention.

  2. When my membership lapsed, they called a number of times to get me to re-up and I explained my unwillingness to $$-support the station since they’d steered away from music programming. I also returned one of their mailed solicitations with a similar note.

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