48 Hours in Chicago

NaBloPoMo, Day 17

Two friends of mine who have never been to Chicago are coming in this weekend for a whirlwind visit. I love this town and I’m eager to show it off. I’ve got no shortage of ideas, but the time constraint poses an interesting challenge.

So, here’s my challenge to any readers of this blog who live in Chicago, know the city well, or have a favorite destination when you visit yourselves–if you could only share one highlight of Chicago with an out-of-towner, what would it be?


5 thoughts on “48 Hours in Chicago

  1. I have three favorites, but they are near each other: the culltural center –I love the building; lower Wacker drive–it’s so amazing to see all the levels of the city; finally, out near the planetarium to look back at the skyline. That’s always been my quick tour.

  2. I always took relatives to the neighborhoods where “Bill and I used to live” and they liked it better than any museum. But if it’s open I recommend a visit to the B’hai house of worship on Sheridan Road in Wilmette – a never fail destination and you can stroll the grounds if it’s not too cold. Check a place called The Buttery at 1137 Greenleaf Ave Wilmette, IL 60091 for fat sandwiches on homemade bread. In my day it was just sandwiches but now boasts a fuller menu. And the shops nearby are good for browsing.

  3. Definitely the view from the planetarium across Monroe harbor and the drive south along Lake Shore drive at dusk or nightfall. Maybe Chinatown or Greek town for an ethnic twist–or Obama’s neighborhood?

  4. In true midwestern fashion, my iconic tour of greater Chicago would actually be a drive. Starting in Winnetka, down Sheridan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive to the Magnificent Mile and on down to the Art Institute. As they say, the lake is always east.

  5. It may sound cheesy, but the view from either the Hancock or the Sears Tower never fails to impress out-of-towners (and me.)

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