Holy Crap, Is It Cold Outside!

When I arrived home this evening, the temperature was 9, with a deadly thin layer of ice on all the sidewalks. Yesterday it was fifty. Five-Oh! Tomorrow we’ll be in the twenties with a few inches of snow dumped on us. This is the weirdest winter weather I can recall in years. And it’s not even technically winter yet!

Today Wee-J and I stayed in all day because the windchill never got out of the negative numbers. I’ve read The Very Hungry Caterpillar 214 times. Wee-J and I now take turns reciting it to each other from memory.

She and I can turn the silliest thing into a game and it entertains us both for hours. She has a toy farm and today we spent a good amount of time seeing which toys she could balance on top of the barn. It was cracking her up, which was cracking me up, which was cracking her up…and so it goes.


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