Trump’s Spire

Trump Tower Spire 1

Yesterday, after months of delay, the Trump Tower spire was finally air-lifted in. Quite by chance, I happened to be on the Chicago el station platform at the moment they were finishing up.

Trump Tower Spire 2

As spires go, it’s not that impressive looking, but it was impressive watching the helicopter tethered to the building.

Trump Tower Spire 3
The figures clinging to the frame are construction workers, who climbed to the top of the 290-foot spire, bolting it together. Eventually the gridwork will disappear when the spire is covered by a fiberglass shell.

 Trump Tower Spire 4

We watched them detach the cable and the helicopter flew away, leaving the Trump Tower, with the addition of the spire, the second highest building in North America. (Personally, I think including spires in height requirements for “tallest buildings” is lame, but there you have it.)


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