Virtually Cleaning House

I love Gmail and have ever since I began using it four years ago.

I’m trying something new, archiving stuff on an ongoing basis and keeping only the most current and “starred” conversations in my inbox. I tend to star a lot of items–don’t forget to do this, check out this cool site later, reminders to myself, or links to follow and read later. For a long time now, I’ve had starred items move slowly down the queue of my inbox, only to disappear among the 16,000-plus items in my account. Occasionally, I’ll make an effort to weed them out, but I’d never get very far.

Today, I finally finished culling through this virtual pile of reminders, to-reads, and now-dead links which stretched all the way back to 2005. In a strange way, cleaning up my virtual inbox gave me a real sense of accomplishment.

It sure beats caulking my bathtub.


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