T Minus 230 Days and Counting

IphoneFrom the first day the iPhone debuted, I’ve wanted one. Bad.

I love just about all things Mac and have for years. I’ve had an iPod since the days when they were the size and heft of a heavy bar of soap. I’m on my third generation. Love it. Can’t imagine life without it. And almost ten years ago, I had a Handspring Visor that I really dug and used all the time. It did about 1/100th of what the iPhone can do and I was crazy about it. Used it all the time. Kept lists and notes and reminders on it like crazy.

The iPhone is made for me. And it takes photos too! Just one thing stands between me and the iPhone–my stupid Sprint contract. And yes, I know there are creative ways to get out of a phone contract, but I don’t feel right about pretending that I’ve moved and my cell phone coverage doesn’t extend to the Mohave Desert. And my phone’s worth nuthin’, so I can’t sell my contract. Plus, I’ve got a great phone number and don’t want to give it up.

Besides, waiting nine months will give me time to save up for it. And like a kid waiting for Christmas, everything is better when you really look forward to it. Anticipation is half the fun.

So, the end is in sight. Come September 7th, I’ll be canceling my Sprint contract while standing in line to buy an iPhone. In the meantime, like Carly Simon said, an-ti-ci-pa-a-tion.


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