The Blagojevich circus rolled into New York today, where he made the rounds on national TV proving to the rest of the country what we in Illinois have known for a while now–this man is a complete yahoo. They can’t impeach him fast enough as far as I’m concerned.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the moment when they call the vote in the state senate (any day now.) The magic number is 40 votes (out of 59 senators) and I’ll be counting right along.

I just finished watching Blago on Larry King Live and I can’t say I’m surprised he wasn’t asked any really pressing questions. Softballs all the way and lead-ins for clips and comedy bits. It irritated me that in his various appearances throughout the day, no one interviewing him countered the point that Blago keeps playing up, whining because he can’t call witnesses and defend himself in his impeachment trial–that is, that this is an impeachment trial, not a criminal trial.

All they have to do (from what I understand) is prove he’s abused his power and is unfit to serve as governor. His recent TV tour has only helped to prove that (Oprah Winfrey? Really?!) not to mention the things he’s said and done in the past weeks, months, and let’s face it, years.

My blood boiled today every time he used the phrase “will of the people.” If Blago really meant what he said about working for the people (what a joke), he’d have resigned and let the state of Illinois, which is in utter political and economic crisis right now, try to right itself from this fiasco and move forward.


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