It Was Only a Matter of Time

Nearly everyone I know has succumbed to the cold virus that seems to be sweeping the nation this winter. Wee-J is on her third cold since the beginning of the year, so I knew I was bound to get it sooner or later. I was regularly dosing myself with chili-garlic-ginger butter, as hot as I could stand it, as preventative medicine, but earlier this week I didn’t get as much sleep as I should have and I’m sure that’s what did me in.

Next step in the healing process: Thai hot and sour soup (tom yum) which I’m convinced does my immune system much better than Echinacea ever did. Between the chili peppers, ginger, chili peppers, lemon grass, chili peppers, lime, and chili peppers it’s brimming with healing ingredients. The chili has added benefits: it causes you to sweat (get out the toxins) and when you have a head cold, it’s one of the few foods you can actually taste. The hotter the better! I’ve come to believe that eating this soup cuts my sick time in half.

My favorite tom yum comes from Thai Pastry, on Broadway in Chicago. I’ve tried a lot of hot and sour soups in my quest to find the best and nothing comes close. Most others I’ve found are too sweet and don’t nearly pack the heat that this one does. Thai Pastry’s soup tastes homemade and is full of flavor. I also like the kao-klug-ka-pi, a spicy rice dish with onion, beef, shrimp paste and really hot Thai chilies. It’s tasty and really packs a pepper punch. Let the healing begin.

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