To Tweet or Not To Tweet

So, Twitter.

I’ve got a love-hate thing going on with Twitter. I like the concept and see the potential but right now it feels more like a time suck than a useful tool. I suspect this has to do with the folks I follow and those who follow me–and the pitifully small number of them that there are.

I stopped Twittering back in 2007 when my mobile phone plan changed and no longer included texting. Recently, I’ve gotten back into it and while I’m following a number of folks I actually know and others I “know” from their blogs or podcasts, it doesn’t feel as interactive or relevant as I’d hoped it would be. It probably doesn’t help that most people I know don’t Twitter.

Do you? I’d love to know what others think about it, how they use it, and how they find interesting feeds to follow. (Shameless plug for followers: If you’re so inclined, you can link to my account here. Follow me!)

And while I’m on the subject of hot social media, it seems everywhere I turn these days, I’m bumping into Facebook. Am I the only person not on Facebook? There are a number of reasons why I haven’t jumped on the Facebook bandwagon:

  1. Regular posting to my blog takes up enough of my time. The thought of generating content for another website holds no appeal.
  2. I understand that Facebook is the number one photo sharing site but I’m already invested in Flickr, so ditto above.
  3. The idea of reconnecting with friends from high school is repugnant to me. I hated that period of my life and have absolutely no desire to revisit it, even virtually.
  4. I really don’t care to know the minutia of others’ lives, which may sound odd since I’m participating in Twitter. The difference there is the brevity and instant nature of it. With Twitter there’s a benefit of being able to get headlines and local news in real time or shouting out to the Internet “Hey, I’m heading downtown and want to try a new restaurant. Suggestions?”
  5. It also bugs me that you can’t see what Facebook is really about
    without signing up for it (which I won’t do), so it’s hard for me to
    get a sense of what, if anything, I’m missing out on.
  6. Facebook sounds like another way to waste oodles of time on the Internet and believe me, I really don’t need another way to kill time bonding with my laptop.

5 thoughts on “To Tweet or Not To Tweet

  1. Am I the only person in the world content without being constantly connected in every way, everywhere, leaving everything to chance?
    Granted I’m not in the Twittering generation, but I’d really resent the constant invasion of my time. If anyone wants a local network, move to a small town!
    As far as Facebook, I’d be banned since I’m in the Witness Protection Program.

  2. I went on Facebook while I was in China in order to share photos with my fellow volunteers. Other than that, I have found it totally useless. People put the strangest stuff up there.

  3. I’m right there with you. Facebook, My Space, Twitter… too much for me. I already have four blogs that I don’t stay on top of and two websites plus Linkedin… adding anything else would lead to instant insanity. Besides, Facebook just seems wrong to me. When it first started a few years ago it was only for college students and my college-age daughter was all into it! I can’t see myself “hanging out” on the same services that she hangs out on.

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