A Month of Saturdays

Art Institute Sanctuary
January 24th, 3 pm : Ando Gallery, Art Institute

During a day of touring photo exhibitions, I popped into the quiet sanctuary of the Ando Gallery, tucked away in the Asian section of the Art Institute.

American Gothic Giganticus
January 31st, 3 pm : American Gothic Giganticus, Michigan Avenue

This huge replica of the couple from Grant Wood’s iconic painting is currently standing across the street from the Wrigley building, baffling passers by.


February 7th, 3 pm : Trip prep

In April, I’ll be sailing for a week with friends in the British Virgin Islands. A fair amount of pre-prep goes into such a trip, since we have to figure out provisioning the sailboat with what we’ll need well before we get there. Cricket was giving me her best input.
February 14th, 3 pm : Swiffering

Valentines Day does not get more glamorous than washing the winter grime off your hardwood floor.

February 21, 3 pm : Running Errands

Trapped in a Sports Authority dressing room listening to James Blunt. This was my breaking point yesterday.


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