Cheesiest Wine Online

Doing our part for the economy, I joined friends for a prix fixe dinner last night and we shared a tasty bottle of red wine recommended by the waiter. I'd never had a wine made from seven different grapes! When I got home, I checked to see if it was available at my favorite discount wine store, but they didn't list it online. So, I dialed up the Seven Daughters website and was immediately and nearly completely turned off the wine.

Horrible horrible website. Looks more like a singles dating scene then delicious wine. Ugh, the music. The happy young people whispering together and throwing their heads back in riotous laughter. And with copy like this:

Seven Daughters Winemaker's Blend is a celebration of your on-the-go lifestyle, which overflows with both business and play.

…wine blends that are sophisticated, flirtatious and undeniably fun – just like you.

Our wines are crafted to meet the needs of today's wine drinker — a seamless blend of exploration, fun and sophistication.

The needs of today's wine drinker? Holy schmoly, it's a twelve dollar bottle of wine people.

Under the "News" section of the website they have an endorsement titled, "Seven Daughters Praised by an American Housewife." WTF?

My friend Marie said it best when I emailed her the site address: "Horrible website. It succeeded in making me feel bad for liking the wine."

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