From Real Life Comes the Stupidist Movies

This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition, there was a story about a giant farm fair being held in Paris to attract city folk to work on the farm. Apparently, smaller and family-run farms are having trouble attracting people to work the land, so the farming industry has launched a campaign to revamp the image. One thing mentioned in the story, was some farmers are concerned that the majority of folks who apply will be “neo-rurals,” people “who romanticize farming” and are unaccustomed to the realities of hard, manual labor.

My first thought was this is a great premise for a movie. My second thought was Sandra Bullock! Can’t you just see it? Manhattan urbanista Sandra Bullock is vacationing in Paris. Maybe she gets dumped in the middle of her trip by her wealthy, businessman boyfriend. She stumbles into a farm job fair, thinking it’s a farmers market or some such quaint local thingy and she signs on to work a rural farm thinking she’s signing up for a touristy excursion to the picturesque countryside.

Wow is she in for a shock! Private Benjamin down on the farm. Because while she loves goat cheese, she didn’t think it actually came, you know, from goats!? Pratfalls in the pig pen, hijinks on a runaway tractor, no hair dryer or morning Starbucks! And what’s with everyone talking French all the time? Of course the guy who owns the farm would be played by some hunky French actor, and she wins him over (along with the gruff locals) by the time the credits role.

Formula all the way. Open it over Valentine’s weekend or opposite the big smash-up crash-up of the summer season and it will make millions.

2 thoughts on “From Real Life Comes the Stupidist Movies

  1. m tmaking–you are definitely a natural. Maybe a TV sit-com? Sure beats my idea for a series caled “Two Sluts and a Widow”. based on actual performance.

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