Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Trip Prep


Every weekend between now and April 11th is going to be spent doing this, that, and the other in preparation for my sailing vacation.

Did I mention that I’m taking a week-long sail around the British Virgin Islands?!!!

After years of talking about it, the gang I regularly sail with on Lake Michigan is chartering a 47-foot sailboat for a week-long sail, hopping from island to island. Yesterday I ordered a slingbag backpack to carry my camera and purchased some sailing gloves and an inverter so we can use my iPod to pipe music through the boat. It’s hard to muster the energy (and courage) to buy a bathing suit, especially when the weather here is so drab and cold, but looking at photos like this and this and this are getting me in the mood.

With the amount of snow and cold we’ve had this winter and the fact that here in Chicago spring doesn’t break until May, this April warm weather, blue water, white sand, and sunshine getaway is going to be much appreciated.

There’s a fair amount of preparation that goes into a trip like this. Today, I’m spending the afternoon figuring out how best to provision the boat with the supplies we’ll need for a week on board. Most of our meals will be on board. Every other evening we’ll anchor in a port where we can re-provision as needed and grab dinner at a restaurant or beachside bar.

Well, back to work. Comparision shopping online for the staples: toilet paper, peanut butter and beer.

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