A Rollercoaster Ride of a Day

Just a quick post before I go to bed because I’m drained and tired and ready for this day to end. Had a near-miss medical emergency with Wee-J today. Without going into details, everything is fine and she’s fine and I say near-miss because it resolved itself on its own, which meant we didn’t have to keep our appointment with the doctor. Just a little shake up to bounce us out of our routine, get the adrenaline flowing, and in the end have us counting our blessings.

In the middle of all this however, came word that a friend, a colleague I used to work with and now share office space with, was found unconscious in his home yesterday (he’s a diabetic) and he’s currently in the hospital, still unconscious. We don’t know much more at this point, but it sounds serious.

The day’s events were like a one-two punch. Wee-J bounced back, fairly unaware of the drama surrounding her. I can only hope that my friend will make the equivalent recovery.


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