Sick Day

Wee-J was has come down with a cold, so no outings for us today. Since she knew it was Tuesday and Tuesday = Wiggleworms, she repeated some variation of, “Today is Wiggleworms,” a number of times and I had to keep saying, “We’ll see.”

After about twenty minutes of this, as I was sitting on the bedroom floor getting her dressed and she was leaning on me while stepping into her pants, she brightly said, “We will go to Wiggleworms today,” and I rotely said, “We’ll see.” Then she leaned over so her face was even with mine and said, “We can think about.”

Well, we thought about it, for about as long as it took to go through a half a box of kleenex (30 minutes) and then decided to stay home. I spent the majority of my day wiping a runny nose and singing Wee-J’s new favorite song, “Clementine.” Even with a head cold, she can belt out “Oh mah-darling!” with unflagging enthusiasm.

My poor hands are dry and chapped from the number of times I washed them today, so fearful of catching the cold before I head out of town. I came home and fired up a batch of cold-busting. Sriracha-Ginger-Garlic butter and put it on pasta with sauted veggies. And I plan to turn in early, after watching the season premier episode of my favorite guilty pleasure TV show, My Boys.


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